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Kanecki Prolog Advanced DBMS 400

Kanecki Prolog Advanced DBMS 400

Screenshots of Kanecki Prolog Advanced DBMS

Kanecki Prolog Advanced DBMS Publisher's Description

This program will allow you to perform automatic cross-linking of large-scale database system as oracle, microsoft, ibm, and others. This is the only program that will allow you to do this. In addition, you can use it solve your information search needs faster and with less effort. It can be used as a stand-alone program to your database server or as a add-on program to your database server. Highlights ? Multiple large-scale DBMS search and record correlation with Kpr 400i ? Correlate large-scale DBMS ? Information coordination, you can work better, have greater productivity, and solve more investigations per unit time ? Works with any large-scale DBMS ? Store the auto correlated DBMS into a file for later use ? Dynamically load auto correlated DBMS files into the system to provide for greater investigative analysis ? Can read Paradox and Paradox compatible files System Requirements ? Windows XP/Vista/Server 2003 ? 512 MB Ram ? 20 MB Hard Disk Space Support Management Systems ? Paradox DBMS files ? Paradox compatible DBMS files ? Dbase compatible DBMS files

Executive Summary

The adv. DBMS (kpr400i) from Kanecki Associates, Inc. provides the only application that can cross-link large-scale DBMS information. The benefit of this is in investigative processing, an answer is obtained in seconds as opposed to hours or days. With this application, it co-exists with your DBMS servers and databases, and allows the extra flexibility of better productivity and more positive results per unit time.

This report will show a sample use case using an investigative process, and discuss the benefits and advantages of using this system. In addition, the ROI, return on investment, in using this application is immediate. In the sample investigation, the ROI is 1038%, justifiable for use.


This report will discuss how our application of the advanced database management system, adv. DBMS or kpr400i, can help in accessing and correlating information from large-scale DBMS using multiple databases. The advantage of this process is that an organization can sift and find links to case solving methodology process. For example, a public safety or homeland security agency can use this application and approach to find all of the information related to a case, and a corporation can use this application and approach for better customer service and business operations. Currently, the methodology to search and link multiple large DBMS only exists with this application!

The section will describe a use case where multiple, large-scale databases are searched to find and correlate information in an investigative usage. The application and methodology described could be an agency as the FBI or large corporation wishing to use business intelligence to make a new strategy.


Features of KPR400i (Build 3519)

The features of kpr400i or adv. DBMS is that it allows for many types of information analysis. The ability to auto correlate information is its` most important feature. Now, with the new additions, it can do this for large-scale DBMS as well. In addition, adv. DBMS can be used to correlate medical data, as cancer epitope maps, to find a treatment pathway. A third feature is that there are two import functions as the standard import function which auto correlate a large-scale DBMS, as a Oracle or Microsoft SQL server, or a cross link import function which will auto correlate a large-scale DBMS according to field selected. The advantage of the both is that now you can mine and find information faster and better! With the cross-link import, auto correlate function, you can find information relating to a certain field as a person`s name or type of incident.

Multiple Large-Scale DBMS Search and Record Correlation with Kpr 400i

How would one perform an investigative analysis using the adv. DBMS (kpr 400i)? First, the process of an investigative analysis consists of obtaining information from different sources. Using the current approach is tedious and very time consuming. With the adv. DBMS, you can perform a cross-link, large-scale DBMS import into the application, and then enter a search and auto correlate criteria, and the record or records are found immediately, in a matter of seconds, compared to hours or days!

On a step-by-step basis, one would first start the adv. DBMS application (kpr 400i). Next, one would perform a cross-link import of the first large-scale DBMS. For example, one may want to cross-link by name to see if the suspect can be linked to other information. Then, you select the cross-link import function for the first DBMS you want to auto correlate. Two, you select other large-scale DBMS that are helpful to the investigation. Three, you enter a search criteria as the suspects name, and the adv. DBMS (kpr400i) uses the auto correlate feature to produce the required information with no information chaff.

Next, let us consider the financial benefits of using the adv. DBMS versus the traditional approach:

ROI Analysis

Current Data Searching/Correlation Model One Example Case -Traditional Time 72 hours No. Personnel 5 Personnel Cost $172,800.00 Software Cost $160,000.00 Service Cost $3,750.00 Overhead $500.00 Total $337,050.00

Current Data Searching/Correlation Model

One Example Case - With Adv. DBMS (kpr400i) Time 4 hours No. Personnel 5 Personnel Cost $9,600.00 Software Cost $22,222.22 Service Cost $625.00 Overhead $27.78 Total $32,475.00 ROI 1037.875%

By being able to work better, the cost of a sample investigation is $32,475 versus $337,050, a resulting ROI of 1038%!

Advantages of Kpr 400i

By being able to auto correlate large-scale DBMS with the application and to load and auto correlate multiple databases at the same time, you can have the benefits of complete information coordination. This feature is only available on this system. With the information coordination, you can work better, have greater productivity, and solve more investigations per unit time. A second advantage of the adv. DBMS is that it works with any large-scale DBMS. I repeat, it works with any large-scale DBMS! Then, to begin the analysis it is a matter of point-and-click, cross-link import, and specify the search criteria and the information is there for you in a matter of second instead of hours and days. The third feature of the adv. DBMS is that you can store the auto correlated DBMS into a file for later use. Fourth, the adv. DBMS can dynamically load auto correlated DBMS files into the system to provide for greater investigative analysis. What this means, is that you can have multiple packets of the auto correlated DBMS.

Can what has been described be performed on any other DBMS application? The answer is no? The reason is that they do not have the auto correlation DBMS feature, and they do not have the ability to cross-link multiple databases on multiple DBMS servers. Only this application does.


With the adv. DBMS system, kpr 400i, you can have the benefit of keeping your large-scale DBMS and using this application as main application or as an add-on to solve information issues that current cannot be solved or can only be solved slowly. The advantage of this system is that it is quick, easy to use, and can co-exists with your DBMS servers and databases. This is important because in your organization you want to improve your information searching and linking, and this application allows you to do this on an incremental basis with immediate, big, results.

By being able to work with investigative DBMS, corporate DBMS, medical DBMS, and others, this application is well suited for any organization or agency. The best part is that this application can run on any type of computer. Currently, it only available for windows based computers or macs with the windows XP add-on. This allows a new realm of productivity!

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